The premises of HOLON. Art in the passage of Stadtplatz 39 are full of historical charm. History, architecture and the salon in combination with the  gallery and studio space have inspired the design of Daniel Surducan in a special way.


The “Weiß’sche Freihaus” at Stadtplatz 39 is one of the important Wels town houses, the magnificent Renaissance façade is modelled on the Palazzo di Diamanti in Ferrara. The four-storey building with its curved gable is particularly striking for its stone diamond ashlars and bands highlighted in two rows. Built by a merchant in 1451, it has served over the centuries as a private palace, school building, shop and police station. A passage leads into the interior, connecting the town square with the Freiung of Wels. It is precisely here, at an intersection, that HOLON Art is positioned: stone walls, brick vaults and granite surrounds are evidence of the centuries and at the same time the structural framework of the Producers’ Gallery.


,,Mein Team besteht aus Poeten und Pragmatikern, Künstlern und Ingenieuren. Wir bieten Platz und Raum für Gestaltung und ermöglichen die Arbeit mit neuem Design und einzigartigen Materialien. Daher war es uns eine besondere Ehre, die Sanierungsarbeiten für durchführen zu können!”

The history and structure of the building merge with completely new 21st century technology and materials. Designer Daniel Surducan has integrated and produced fascinating details in the re-design of these old walls.

The centuries-old walls have been preserved in their multi-layered paintings and gived the rooms a touch of history and felt eternity.

The spiral staircase from the 1950s is cast in a casing of painted coal briquettes and light strips and resembles a ladder to heaven.

The gallery is a massive vault. The glazed brick wall is both an eye-catcher and projection surface. Invisibly integrated smart technology makes it possible to change the lighting and structure of the gallery in the blink of an eye – depending on mood and need.

The entrance and salon are located on the ground floor. The mirrored bar widens the space, to which design elements made of moss, onyx and granite with the floating light built in lend a special atmosphere. The staircase is enhanced by a chandelier made out of burl wood – a unique and eye-catching piece.

The first floor is home to the studio of Bianca Kiso and Danijela Bagaric – a high room with barrel vaults, flooded with light and inspiring waves. This is where the two artists work, and a third space is reserved for the “artist in residence”.

“It was our dream to create a place that conveys atmosphere and privacy. Through Daniel Surducan’s design, this plan has been brilliantly realised!